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Christian articles found around the internet this week

Christian articles from this week

The Truth about Angelic Visitations

Less about Moore: A Minimal Facts Case for Breaking Free of Beth Moore

Rob Bell, “Mother of God”, and “Apophatic Meditation”

How to Combat the Demonic (I especially like the distinction made in the last paragraph)

Can the Gospel Be Made Attractive? Should it Be?

A Word to Famous Pastors

What Does it Mean to Say a Bible Translation is Faithful?

Atheists should present their arguments free from hatred ridicule and contempt

Free From the Love of Money

Speaking of the love of money: The Misery of Many Lottery Winners

When to Overlook a Fault

Video: Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up

The G3 Conference is available to watch online

Free course from R.C. Sproul and Ligionier Connect

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