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Christian articles found around the internet this week

Christian articles found around the internet this week

Interested in ministering to those in jail?

10 shocking quotes from the founder of Planned Parenthood

If you haven’t yet heard of #the15, a group tired of the heresy Lifeway sells, you can catch up here

GoTandem.com delivers scripture verses to your email pertaining to your spiritual growth

Standards for Shepherds

Good warnings about Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, and Perry Noble. Also in this post is the Church of Tares documentary which I highly recommend

Heaven Will Never Be Boring

All the Raptures in the Bible

The Insanity and Consequences of Islam (and all anti-Christ worldviews)

Discerning between Mindfulness and the mind of Christ

God is at Work in Your Unremarkable Days

When an Atheist Says it’s Okay to Rape Her Sister

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