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Mean Girls and the False Jesus of the Word of Faith Movement

Mean Girls Promote False Christs

(images via facebook: Joyce Meyer, Juanita Bynum, Cindy Jacobs, Gloria Copeland)

Many people believe that these women must be promoting truth otherwise they wouldn’t be so popular. This is faulty thinking, especially since we know that the road to salvation is narrow, and broad is the path that leads to destruction. 

Jesus warns us that many will come in His name, lead people astray (Mark 13:6), and preach a different Jesus (2 Corinthians 11:4). This is exactly what the Word of Faith teachers are doing.

Most Word of Faith teachers outright deny Christ’s deity by claiming Jesus came to earth as a mere man, became God when He was baptized with the Holy Spirit, stopped being God when He was on the cross. Jesus then went to hell for three days as a man to fight Satan and to pay for our sins that way; after that, He was born again when he rose at the end of those three days.

In Word of Faith theology, man is elevated while God is denigrated. This is serious stuff. This is a different Jesus and a different Gospel. Here is an exposition on this blasphemy.

I’ll leave you with this clip in which Joyce Meyer’s theology is clear: That we do not have salvation unless we believe Jesus went to hell to atone for our sins–that is so wrong. Jesus said, “It is finished” on the cross (John 19:30). What is the chapter and verse for this blasphemy in which God called an end to His Son’s supposed torture in hell? 

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