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Wolves Tending to the Sheep

Wolves Tending to the Sheep


As I thought about the power and ramification of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, my thoughts drifted to the wolves and deceivers in the visible church. I realized how much their teachings contradict the events surrounding the cross. For instance, they teach that we do not have faith if we experience suffering, yet Jesus, whom we are to follow, suffered the most. Also, some teach that we must give God permission to act and do anything in our lives; however, that flies in the face of the fact that Jesus went to the cross willingly, submissively, and obediently. Finally, the resurrection proves the deity of Jesus (Romans 1:4) – how can Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, and others claim they are ‘little gods’? Jesus triumphed over death!

These masqueraders of light always seek to usurp what Jesus did and who Jesus is. Those in the health-and-wealth movement claim creative power, the Copelands claim sovereignty over nature, and the Word of Faith movement claims divinity.

Being curious as I am, I checked the Facebook pages of some of these workers of iniquity to see what they had to say over the Easter weekend.

At the time of writing, Kenneth Copeland acknowledged the Lord’s resurrection, quoted Revelation 1:18, and then it was back to the business of promoting his own good works.

T.D. Jakes said, “Happy Resurrection Sunday!” and posted various odd comments including his sermon titled Sit On Me Jesus. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it.

And, just for fun, I looked at the Jesus Calling page, which said, “After I was crucified, My miraculous resurrection empowered Me to be your living Hope. In fact, I am more abundantly alive than you can begin to imagine. When your hope is connected to Me, you share in My vibrant, eternal Life.”


Next, I looked at Joyce Meyer’s Facebook page, which was filled with self-promotion and false teaching all weekend. I especially enjoyed this, posted on the day of the Lord’s resurrection:




I was surprised to see that Joyce Meyer Ministries did not have one post for most of the weekend that acknowledged Easter. There was not even a whisper of her false teaching that Jesus paid for our sins in hell. Finally, on Sunday evening, at 5:00pm (EST), she posted “Easter means so much more with this”. And what was “this” that she referred to? Her teaching, followed by an interview with contemplative prayer promoter Priscilla Shirer.

Even Benny Hinn managed to post this:


benny hinn easter


So what’s my point?

At first I was taken aback to see that Joyce Meyer Ministries neglected to mention Jesus’ sacrifice until the end of the weekend. Then I was offended that the other wolves did mention it. These wolves’ teachings conflict with the cross, and yet they dangle the Crucifixion like a carrot to unsuspecting millions to attract them. By doing this, these wolves are pretending that they are part of the body of Christ. How many times have you heard, “Well, they confess Jesus has risen, so they must be okay”? At least the Joyce Meyer Ministries page was honest–the self-centered false teachings were strewn across its page, and when it came time to mention Easter, the post followed suit by connecting the importance of Easter to Meyer herself. In fact, the site did not promote the importance of Easter, but hinted that Meyer could make Easter better. The Come-To-Jesus-He’ll-Make-Your-Life-Better-Because-It’s-All-About-You Gospel was front and center. However, I don’t think her 8,940,509 fans saw it that way.

Many wolves are more than happy to tend to the flock and fleece them. In fact, when combined, a staggering 16,845,893 people “like” the ministries of these false teachers on Facebook. How many more unsuspecting people/victims are out there?

These stats should serve as a stark reminder that we must contend for the faith – the true faith once delivered to the saints, (Jude 3). Also, we should proclaim the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27) to the visible church, so those in it may not fall as eternal victims to the wolves and die as goats, but that they may be rescued and die as sheep (Matthew 25:31-46).

Soli Deo Gloria


doctrine divides the sheep from the goats

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