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Carry On a Heroic Struggle

earnestly contendThe recent Shepherds’ Conference, which focused on Biblical inerrancy produced some thought-provoking points regarding Scripture. Here are some great points John MacArthur made in his keynote address. I trust they will encourage us to contend boldly for the faith this week.

Four Reasons for the Summit on Biblical Inerrancy

  1. Scripture is attacked, and we are called to defend it.
  2. Scripture is authoritative, and we are called to declare it.
  3. Scripture is accurate and we are to demonstrate it.
  4. Scripture is active through the Spirit, and we are called to deploy it.

Jude 3, tells us to earnestly contend for the faith. I like the description MacArthur shared about this: “To earnestly contend is ‘to carry on a heroic struggle’ and it is ‘a word used of a martyr fighting to the death in an arena'”.

He went on to say this:

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every though captive to obey Christ. We smash ideologies, theories, viewpoints, systems. We contend earnestly, passionately for the faith…the objective views that are revealed in scripture that compose the Christian faith.”


Scripture has the only reasonable, sensible explanation for creation and why the world is the way it is. English Philosopher Herbert Spencer, [who] died in 1903, was famous for applying scientific discoveries to philosophy. He was awarded accolades and came up with this: “there are five knowable categories in the natural sciences. Time, force, motion, space, and matter. However, Genesis 1 says, “In the beginning” – that’s time, “God” – that’s force, “created” – that’s motion, “heavens” – that’s space, “earth” – that’s matter. You’re only one verse into the bible and that is all laid out. Sorry Herbert.”

John MacArthur continued to point out additional scientific facts in the Bible before man discovered them.

MacArthur concluded, “There’s only one book that can change your nature and your eternal destiny”. What an honor it is to contend for this, my friends.

Soli Deo Gloria.


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