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A Cautionary Tale Arising Out of Mysticism

A Cautionary Tale Arising Out of the Ashes of Mysticism

Jane Doe

It wasn’t until her last breath that I knew her destruction was certain. You see, I can never be sure if my tenacity and hard labor will be rewarded. At times, my adversary intervenes and His people flourish, despite which arrow I shoot at them, while other times, He leaves them to their own devices. Why He does this perplexes me. After all, I’m not God. Well, I suppose you know that, hearing of my misadventure. I believe you refer to it as “The Fall”. Merely a mild setback, I assure you.

Now, where was I? Ah, yes, my latest victory. What was her name? Beth? Rachel? Joyce? Trivial matter, really. I’ve destroyed many Beths, and Rachels, and Joyces. And Emilys, Kellys, Annes, and Marys…I really should have kept a list of names. I’ll call this one Jane Doe for the time being.

I simply must tell you how I defeated Jane and how so very clever I am! The Holy book she babbled on about mentions my craftiness many times. So often in fact, you would think Jane would have kept alert to my various deceptions! I was privy to her numerous readings of the proverb which warns of turning to the right or the left. Indeed, a valid warning. Go off the narrow path and I will toss you to and fro and carry you about by every wind of doctrine.

You must understand that your race is never satisfied and always wants more. So, I grant you choice. Philosophies, cults, religions, and –isms; I offer clouds without water which promise much but deliver nothing.

Where was I? What a time I am having! Time is short and the end is near. There is still much work to be done! I fear I am appearing as confusing as my doctrines, swaying this way and that, swirling about with no foot hold in sight.

Ah, dear Jane. See, while she was regarded as a “Godly woman whose lips were always adorned with the name of Jesus”, I knew better. I knew her foundation was built on sand, and the seeds cast to her met stony ground. Biblically illiterate, theologically barren, and terribly undiscerning, she was an easy mark.

I’m sure you’ve heard my rumor that man cannot know truth. This one tickled Jane’s ear. This, truly, is one of my masterpieces. The world was done searching for truth outside of God. I needed a new lie. See, if you believe you cannot know truth, the logical end is ambiguity, uncertainty, tolerance, and acceptance of everything.

What surprised me most…oh this makes me giddy with excitement! What astounded even me was the eagerness with which this was welcomed by Jane’s Laodicean church, thereby resurrecting my all time, personal favorite, “Hath God said…?” I’ve led so many astray with that doubt. Jane began to believe the Word of God was no longer relevant, clear, sufficient, or complete. Never realizing the power of Christ, she gobbled up every man centered-self esteem-pop-psychology-self help fad out there! False doctrine laced with misapplied scripture verses were already thriving in the Christian marketplace. All I had to do was plant wolves in sheep’s clothing in her midst and let the inevitable happen.

Jane went right. Then she went left. Then back and forth so many times, the narrow path soon became a wide vista. The name of Jesus became a mystical chant with no personal importance or meaning. She glorified mystery over the sufficiency of scripture. I gloated as I watched her flounder from one pagan practice to another.

You might think this is much to do about nothing, but the warnings are clear. To my chagrin, the references to false teachers in the New Testament are plenty. But, I do have my victories.

You have been patient with my chattering, so I will offer you one last admonition – despite the fact I’ve already revealed too much. Eternal life will only be composed of what is left which will be right. That will not include my diversions. Be alert, as I do not concede defeat with you yet.

I have enjoyed my time with you and while I would love to stay and regale you further with my genius, I must go now. I am hosting a party which I have been anticipating for quite some time. Truthfully, it’s a celebration!

For you see, today saw the death of Jane.


Soli Deo Gloria



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    • Pamela
      September 28, 2014 at 9:39 pm (3 years ago)

      Merci! I was just on your site looking around. I love your picture – you look like the perfect storyteller! My sister is writing a children’s book – sent your link to her.


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